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About Me

My name is Elisabeth Bucci and I am the Passionate Project Manager.

I didn’t start out this way. (Well, I’ve always been Elisabeth Bucci, but not always a Project Manager.) My first job after graduating from Queen’s University (in Kingston, Ontario) was in Sales. It took me less than two years, and What Color is Your Parachute, for me to figure out that this was so very incredibly, utterly and totally wrong for me. My husband, whom I met while in this job, still asks me to this day: “WHAT were you thinking???” I have no answer, other than “lack of experience” and “they offered me a job.”

Other than that traumatic two-year period in Sales that I have conveniently blocked from my memory, I have spent most of my 20+ year business career employed as a Project Manager. I have worked in a variety of industries (aerospace, automation, telecom, software) and for companies both large (40,000+ employees) and small (40+ employees). While I have managed product development and capital investment projects, most of my time has been spent delivering projects to an external customer. I have never had the luxury of managing just one project at a time: I consider myself to be an expert in running many projects simultaneously, also known as running yourself ragged.

I also have an MBA from École des Hautes Études Commerciales in Montréal, Québec. Sadly, this was not sufficient to convince one of my employers that I did not need to get PMP (Project Management Professional) certified. (Believe me, I tried, even resorting to shameless begging. Nothing worked.) The thought of studying for and writing another exam while juggling a full-time job, a marriage and two kids was just too much for me. Besides, as I state below, I have lots of hobbies and did not see why I should give any of them up to study for yet another exam. Had I not already written enough exams in my life? Only by depriving myself of visits to scrapbooking stores until after passing the exam was I finally able to become a certified PMP, about 4 years ago. It was, oddly enough, not an unpleasant experience, once it was all over. Kind of like a visit to the dentist.

I’m still passionate about this profession, even after twenty-some-odd years. I just wish I could change some of the conditions under which I do what I do so that it would make it a little easier, and fun, to keep doing it. I have always been rather vocal opinionated loud obnoxious passionate about these conditions. And, hence this blog was born. (It is much cheaper than therapy. Trust me.)

I am passionate about many other things in my life: cooking, photography, scrapbooking (digital, hybrid and paper), buying and making jewelry, movies and television (too much, I have been told, however, my brain conveniently blocks out these remarks). (My brain works really well this way.) The pictures in the blog header are all mine, and are meant to showcase some of these passions. As you will note in the About this Blog page, these hobbies serve as the inspiration for many of the project management stories you’ll find on this blog.

Because I need to justify all of those hours watching TV somehow…