I keep having the same conversation over and over again...

The work of the Project Manager is technology independent. Substitute whatever technical jargon you’d like, the conversations that Project Managers will have with their team members will always be the same. As Project Managers, we focus on schedule, cost, budget, risk, quality, customer, scope or anything else in the nine knowledge areas of the Initiating, Planning, Controlling, Executing and Closing process groups that compose Project Management. […]

If Kent Nagano doesn’t play violin, then why should a Project Manager be technical?

So many organizations, even other Project Managers, expect the Project Manager to “be technical”. Yet this is as preposterous as the symphony orchestra conductor stopping in the middle of the concert to play the violin. […]

Project Manager Aliases and the Evian Roller Babies

Project Managers are everywhere. The thing is: sometimes the Project Manager is disguised by another title, so that they can be hard to recognize. Sometimes they go by an Alias. (Not to be confused by that awesome TV show).

This Evian Roller Babies ad was circulating the social media circles last summer and I […]