Maslow's Moment: Patience in the shadows might keep you out of jail

Patience, practice and focus are the ingredients that you need to work your way up to Maslow’s fifth level, not celebrity. Self-actualization is not about others knowing you: it’s about knowing yourself. Take a page from Alison Pill and Lindsay Lohan, who starred together in a movie in 2004, then took substantially different career paths. […]

Maslow's Musical Moment: What Johnny Cash's “Hurt” teaches us about potential

True confession: I am not a fan of country music.

I am very proud of the eclectic nature of my personal music collection: it includes alternative rock, world, jazz, classic rock, dance, electronica, lounge, hip-hop and even (gasp!) some rap. But, try as I might (and I have tried), I just can’t get […]

Maslow's Pyramid: the Video Game of Life

Usually when we’re introduced to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the purpose is to give project managers another tool with which to manipulate or control – oh, sorry – “motivate” team members. I have a completely different reason for my love affair with Maslow’s model. In order for me to lay the groundwork for upcoming posts […]