On those days when project management sucks, try being a Mom

The four phases of team building are Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. If your team is stuck in the Storming phase, which is characterized by conflict, then use these Mom tactics to get your team through the storm towards the nirvana of high-performing teams. […]

Welcome to my turkey paradigm

The way we were. Throughout my career, I always seem to find myself in business process review and implementation. As I am very comfortable questioning…well…everything, I end up …er…helping people let go of the “way we used to do things”.

It’s hard work. Mainly because people really love their paradigms. Here are some of the […]

Mr CEO, I am an adult, may I pretty please go on YouTube and Facebook now?

In a recent survey of 1400 CEOs and CIOs, more than 54% confirmed that they block social media sites from their employees’ computers. In other words, the majority of companies do not trust their employees to manage their time and their productivity: an archaic, patronizing and insulting notion. We are not children, we are adults. If my 14-year-old can manage her social media time, then why can’t employees? […]

5 things you can learn about project management from LOST

As the winter TV season comes to an end, I find myself saying goodbye to some long-running TV series. Without a question, my favourite was Lost, which, in my humble opinion was the greatest series ever to air on network television. But then, I am one of those strange people that enjoys a TV […]

There is only one kind of project manager

“So, what kind of project manager are you?”

I got asked this question the other day. Given that it was another project manager asking me, I decided to have some fun with the answer.

As the contents of my daughters' closets prove, there are many kinds of Converse shoes. There is however, only one […]

Turkey Dinner for 18 and PMBOK OR What Happens When Project Managers Cook

As I mention in my first post, for some reason, many people seem to have this misconception that project management is this complicated, dorky discipline where we issue piles of excel spreadsheets, network diagrams and Gantt charts. Now where did a silly idea like that come from? (Yes, my tongue was firmly in my cheek […]

10 Things Project Managers never hear often enough...like...never

Is my list an illusion, just like this painted metro train?

Here are 10 things I never hear often enough (uh, almost never) but wish I did:

From the Engineering Manager who assigns key people to projects: “Yes, Steve is available to work on your project. He can start today. Is that okay for […]