My best advice about blogging? Do it whenever you can, do it to keep you sane…

Here’s my best advice about blogging: have a clear objective, forget about making money, understand that writing is hard, nobody is reading your blog, and you don’t have to blog every day. Most importantly, blogging can help improve your career…and your sanity. […]

3 TED talks that still blow my mind

Welcome to my top 3 TED videos: laptops from paper, how social media can change the world (before it actually did) and an animated graph that predicts the exact date that Asia will overtake the US. […]

3 YouTube videos that changed my life: may they change yours

These three YouTube videos are guaranteed to shift your business paradigms. Or at least get you thinking. Featured are the 22-minute meeting, questioning the economic growth paradigm, and an insightful analysis about capitalism. […]