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Hire Me

I offer my services as a consultant and contractor through my company, Projissima inc. Basically, I use project management skills and processes to solve business problems. Here’s a short list; if you have a specific problem that you don’t see here, please click on the Contact Me link and drop me an email so we can chat some more.

Project rescue: Do you have a never-ending project sucking resources, cash and motivation from your company? I have a long history of success of fixing problem projects. Of course, as I fix them, I also identify the underlying cause of the problems and recommend action plans to make sure that the problems don’t come back, the more common of which I’ve described below.

Define and implement business processes: Are your teams re-inventing the wheel each time they start a new project? Do different teams do the same things in different ways? Do you have too many experienced people who “know” how to do things right and difficulty getting new team members do learn what “doing things right” means? These business problems can be solved by implementing business processes: defining, documenting, coaching, training, and helping to manage resistance to change. My approach is to focus on the “money” processes (the work that customers pay for) and the “money” steps within those processes (the steps that help make things that customers will pay for as cost-effectively as possible.) In leading process definition workshops, I apply lean principles with a ruthless attention to eliminate waste (anything that doesn’t add revenue or decrease cost). I am comfortable with BPMN and CMMI: I make sure that conformance to either or both does not make the process heavier than it needs to be.

Master scheduling: Do you have too much work / not enough work / simply don’t know how much work you have for your employees? Are they running around trying to satisfy priorities that change daily? Is everyone working really hard and yet projects are simply not getting done? I have considerable experience implementing master planning and scheduling on a variety of tools and platforms. Circumstances are such that I have become a super-user in MS Project, but I truly believe that many tools fit the bill. Failure to properly implement master planning has more to do with poor process and bad behaviour than with the tool, which is why I focus on process definition and managing resistance to change.

Prioritization of projects: Solving the too-much-work and daily-changing-priorities problems requires not only master scheduling, but also choosing and prioritizing the right projects that should be worked on. I work closely with the executive team to define criteria for selecting the right projects (and yes, ROI and high-value is an essential part of the selection process), and a protocol to adjust when those priorities change. Again, I lean in the direction of lean (heh heh): keep it simple, remove the waste, focus on the value.

Implementation of project management processes: Do you have projects that are simply not getting Done? Or when they reach Done, do they take longer and cost more than planned? I solve this problem by standardizing the practice of managing projects: project definition and close-out, planning, progress measurement and reporting, and delivering…well…deliverables that add value. Again, I do this in a very lean fashion: keep it simple, focus on what needs to be done (value), eliminate waste (useless steps). That means if a one-page checklist will do the job instead of a 20-page document, then that’s what we’ll do.

Dashboards: Yes, I have implemented dashboards. And yes, again, I keep it simple. I work with the executive team to choose the metrics that really matter (hint: revenue, cash, profit), I get those red/yellow/green lights up as soon as possible so that executives don’t spend their time asking “what’s going on” but instead spend their time reading the data and leading their teams towards fixing things. I can certainly help with that last part by helping you solve the business problems causing the poor performance, some of which I have listed on this page.

Knowledge sharing and management: Do you spend more time looking for documents and information rather than actually reading them? Worse yet, do you have all of your critical information stored in random folders on a network-shared drive or a Sharepoint site? I have a lot of experience solving this problem, anywhere from implementing an Electronic Document Management (EDM / GED) system (process and platform), to building project sites containing the relevant information on a project in a standardized, easy-to-find-and-read way. The solution is, once again, processes, behaviours and helping you develop the discipline to stick with the process. Because I am a Sharepoint super-user, I can help you leverage the power of this platform so that you get more out of it without incurring the heavy costs of custom development: I prefer configuration coupled with process and coaching.

Contract project management: Sometimes all you need is temporary help to get you through a current surge in business or a temporary loss in personnel due to leave or turnover. I can buy you time until you figure out if you need to hire or work through the surge until your business returns to “normal” levels. I can work full or part-time for as long or as short a period as is required: I am very flexible. I practice what I preach in knowledge-sharing: I create knowledge databases and transition information to your team so that you are fully functional after I leave.

Project management mentoring and training: Do your project managers need help doing their job better? I can help you by directly coaching members of your project management team or by helping you set up your own mentoring program. I have coached, trained and mentored many project managers throughout my career. I have done several public speaking events, including PMI Montreal, so I am very comfortable conducting short training sessions to your team members. I ran the PMI Montreal Mentoring Program for one year, I am currently a mentor and participating in a peer mentoring group, all as a volunteer with the PMI Montreal.

If you’d like to know more about me, check out my LinkedIn profile and my blog posts. If you still want to know more about me (!), please drop me a line by clicking on the Contact Me link and we’ll take it from there.