History of Managerial Capitalism: References

The information that I used to back up the history of  managerial capitalism in the managerial hierarchy blog post comes from the following paper documents, all of which I purchased for the MBA course “Capitalism in Comparative Perspective”, taken at École des Hautes Commerciales Montréal in 1997. I kept telling DH (Dear Husband) that those boxes of notes taking up space in the basement would be good for something. I think I wrote this blog post just to prove my point.

  • The Emergence of Managerial Capitalism, written by Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. The article I have linked to is not quite the same as the paper copy I own. My version is published by The Harvard Business School, copyright 1983 and is an excellent summary of the information I provide in my blog post, especially regarding those wonderful cost reductions that started occurring in the late 1880s.
  • Scale and Scope, Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., Chapter 3 “The Foundations of Managerial Capitalism in American Industry”. This chapter provides more details regarding each of the “perfect storm” elements that I describe in the blog post.
  • Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. Wikipedia entry is a very concise summary, although I prefer the terminology used in the HBR case study regarding the different forms of capitalism.

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