Project managers are the next-generation leaders

As we move away from the Command-Control hierachy to Enterprise 2.0, the role of CXOs will change from authority to inquiry and alignment. This role will require next-generation leadership skills of building networks and collaboration, something that project managers have already been doing…for decades. […]

5 things you can learn about project management from LOST

As the winter TV season comes to an end, I find myself saying goodbye to some long-running TV series. Without a question, my favourite was Lost, which, in my humble opinion was the greatest series ever to air on network television. But then, I am one of those strange people that enjoys a TV […]

5 things you can learn about project management from the Montreal Canadiens

We’re in full hockey fever here in Montreal. If you have no idea what hockey is, or who the Montreal Canadiens are, you can read this post by substituting your favourite professional sport and team. It’ll still work.

The Canadiens are currently facing the Philadelphia Flyers in the Eastern Conference Finals, on their way to […]

Maslow's Pyramid: the Video Game of Life

Usually when we’re introduced to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the purpose is to give project managers another tool with which to manipulate or control – oh, sorry – “motivate” team members. I have a completely different reason for my love affair with Maslow’s model. In order for me to lay the groundwork for upcoming posts […]