Project managers are the next-generation leaders

As we move away from the Command-Control hierachy to Enterprise 2.0, the role of CXOs will change from authority to inquiry and alignment. This role will require next-generation leadership skills of building networks and collaboration, something that project managers have already been doing…for decades. […]

A thing for pyramids

Pyramids are everywhere. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about hierarchy these days. And I’ve noticed something rather interesting: humanity has an obsession with pyramids.

Pyramids: built for Kings of the (sand) castle

I’m not talking just about Egypt, but why not start there? The pyramids in Egypt were built for a sole […]

The managerial hierarchy: decaying, rotten, broken and in need of a good gutting

Lovely, useless antiques or decaying, rotten crap. Our house, dating back to the 1920s, is rather old, for a Canadian house. (If you are European, you are laughing and saying: “Oh, that new?” Please, bear with me.)

We have some lovely plaster molding on the walls in our living and dining rooms. We paid a […]